Flat Screen TV Frames


Gold Leaf Gallery is the official Flat Screen Framer in Tyler. Whether or not your Flat Screen is on a stand or displayed on wall brackets, we can custom frame it to match your decor. Per request, we will come measure on site with your favorite moldings to decide which looks best. Gold Leaf Gallery will build the frame, deliver and install in about two weeks.


Our design consultants can help you choose a frame that will make your TV a bold focal point or; we can coordinate the frame and TV with your décor for a subtle style. If you want your TV to temporarily disappear, our VisionArt® program lets you cover your TV with art or a photo that slides into view at the touch of a button.

We’ll ensure that your Flat Screen TV will be as enjoyable to look at as it is to watch.



The definition of “Memorabilia” is an item or items that evoke a pleasant or loving memory from times past. At Gold Leaf Gallery, we respect those items that you treasure. Our design consultants will recommend custom frames, matting and mounting techniques that show off your memorabilia at its best. For memorabilia of  sentimental value, upon which we cannot truly place a value, we offer archival framing, so what you cherish will not perish over time.


Whether your passion is sports jerseys, stamps, puzzles, foreign currency, ticket  stubs, concert posters or childhood milestones, we have a passion for keeping your memories alive.

Special Occasions


When you have cherished photographs or memorabilia from once-in-a-lifetime  events, only one-of-a-kind custom framing will do. Our design consultants will create a distinctive design you’ll be proud to display on a wall, coffee table or desk in your home or office. 


Once-in-a-lifetime keepsakes need to last a lifetime. That’s why Gold Leaf Gallery offers framing, matting and mounting techniques that shield and protect your memorabilia. We use only those materials and techniques that meet the high standards set by industry experts. After all, items with sentimental value are truly priceless.


Common Items for Special Occasions





Baby Showers

Photography Framing


Photographs are truly snapshots of your family’s history. They could be pictures from graduations, vacations, weddings or even artistic creations. Let Gold Leaf Gallery take those photographs and turn them into lasting memories with our beautiful photography frames.


Our design consultants will help you decide between framing a large, signature photo in its own frame or grouping photos in a multiple-opening mat. The frame can be made to be displayed on the wall or atop furniture. Our conservation-quality materials, which include our matting, mounting and glazing options, can protect fragile photography from fading, discoloration or tearing. We’ll make them the picture of style.



Your life is lived in three dimensions. That’s why the deep frame of our  Shadowboxes allows you to display treasured 3-D keepsakes such as pressed flowers, sports memorabilia, military regalia and souvenirs. Mix items to commemorate a milestone occasion, recall a beloved vacation or give as a heartfelt gift.

The custom framing of 3-D Shadowboxes can be hung on a wall or will stand upright on furniture, shelves and countertops. So why keep your memories in the shadows? Our craftsmen will create Shadowboxes to enjoy today that will be safeguarded for future generations.


Common Items to Display in Shadowboxes


Travel Memories

Military Awards


Collector’s Items


Christening Gowns and Scarves

Custom Mirrors Framing gold leaf gallery tyler1



Custom framing can turn a practical mirror into a creative reflection of your personal style. By using distinctive frames that match your taste and decor, framed mirrors can draw light into darker areas or create the illusion of more space in a room.


Whether you want to incorporate an heirloom antique mirror into your décor or hang a mirror to check your appearance before a client enters your office, talk with our design consultants. At Gold Leaf Gallery, we know how to create a look that mirrors your taste.

Commercial Services


The artwork and documents you display make a powerful first impression for your business or organization. Our design consultants will help you choose custom framing designs to impress your clients and inspire your staff. Custom framing can be tailored to the style of your offices and industry – whether  on-trend, sophisticated, innovative or traditional. When you are seeking to  showcase art or your business identity, Gold Leaf Gallery will help you get down to  business.


Common Items for Commercial Services



Mission Statements

Office Décor Same as above

Art Consulting


Corporate Art Consulting

Whether your company or institution is looking for a signature piece for a lobby, conference room, or for every room in your office, we have the expertise and the access to art that you need to transform your office space. Our collection pulls from an international network of artists and dealers we have worked with for years, and we also pull from local talent.


Residential Fine Art Consulting

Our homes are a place of refuge and relaxation. Ultimately, it is the space that most reflects you and your family. To create a warm, inviting, and restful space for your family, Gold Leaf Gallery can find a piece of artwork that inspires you! Whether you are looking for bold and bright works of fine art that will add energy to your home, or artwork that is soft and serene, Gold Leaf Gallery has a large selection of styles and mediums guaranteed to suit your needs.



Looking for personalized mats, descriptions of shadowbox collections, or even envelope addressing? Gold Leaf Gallery can do it all! We have two calligraphers, each with a unique style. Click on the calligraphers in this menu to learn more.



Debbie Shores – Calligrapher

Debbie Shores is a true artisan calligrapher.  Her original chancery italic flows with elegance and consistency.  Debbie has been practicing calligraphy since 1990.

Current projects include personalizing mats for framed pictures with names, dates, events and even poems.  Additional services include addressing envelopes for special occasions.


Barbara Holmes – Calligrapher

Barbara Holmes has been making invitations and correspondence fun to open for over 20 years.  She became well known for her unique handwriting at a high end stationary store in Dallas, Texas. Now residing in Tyler, Barbara still enjoys creative script projects.