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Artist Interview: Becky Martin

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Artist Interview: Becky Martin

What are your ear­li­est mem­o­ries relat­ed to art?
My moth­er use to try keep me busy when I was very young. She would take a sheet of paper and draw row after row of cir­cles on it. It was my job to fill in each cir­cle with a face and hair. I have a few copies of those sheets in my art mem­o­ry box.

How and when did you start becom­ing an artist yourself?
I was a young artist and can remem­ber sit­ting at the East Texas Fair doing an art demon­stra­tion with pas­tels. I was in grade school…maybe fourth grade.

What was the evo­lu­tion like toward find­ing your cur­rent voice and visu­al vocabulary?
Acrylic paints were the cat­a­lyst that threw me into paint­ing. The col­ors and the quick dry­ing time were so dif­fer­ent than the smells and dry­ing time of oils.

What is your process like?
The Gyotaku process is very involved in the prepa­ra­tion of the fish. I often freeze the uncleaned fish and then when ready, thaw a bit, arrange the fins with a fix­a­tive, close up all of the body open­ings, cov­er the eye and then paint back to front with an ink. I print the fish on silk and mis­takes can be very pricey.

Is there any­thing from your artist state­ment that you wish to expound on, that you nor­mal­ly don’t have the chance to discuss?
I love to do every type of art I enjoy water­col­ors, oil, ink, acrylic …any or all and I love to embell­ish with gold leaf.

What do you try to con­trol in your sur­faces, and what do you leave to chance?
I often leave the back­ground some­what to chance, if the sub­ject is very detailed and total­ly grabs the eye.

Where do you see your work going from here?
I hope peo­ple trea­sure my art for­ev­er and that it lives on way beyond my years.

Becky Martin, Gold Leaf Gallery


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