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Artist Interview: DENO

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Artist Interview: DENO

What are your ear­li­est mem­o­ries relat­ed to art?
I could draw, it was the card dealt to me and I just keep play­ing it.

How and when did you start becom­ing an artist yourself?
I was born with the gift but real­ly came into focus in 1984 when I first exhib­it­ed my art in a two-man show in Shreve­port, LA.

What was the evo­lu­tion like toward find­ing your cur­rent voice and visu­al vocabulary?
When I tried oth­er medi­ums oth­er than paint­ing like weld­ing steel and mod­el­ing clay, that gave my art more body.

What is your process like?
Ger­mi­nate the idea, gath­er mate­ri­als and cre­ate cir­cum­stances to sup­port that idea and man­i­fest into being — repeat if necessary.

Is there any­thing from your artist state­ment that you wish to expound on, that you nor­mal­ly don’t have the chance to discuss?
Every­thing is raw mate­r­i­al for cre­at­ing — once that was real­ized, mate­ri­als and inspi­ra­tion arrived.

What do you try to con­trol in your sur­faces, and what do you leave to chance?
My graph­ic arts pro­duc­tion expe­ri­ence tends to cre­ate more defined lines although I’ve vio­lat­ed those to form oth­er images that are less defined.

Where do you see your work going from here?
Cre­at­ing and sell­ing my art in a broad­er area once I’ve retired from the graph­ics business.


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