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Aron Wilburn

I was born in Longview, Texas and raised in Gilmer, Texas. I’ve been draw­ing since I could hold a pen­cil. Most of my art pieces were in pen­cil, char­coal, or pen and ink until I was in col­lege. I used to enter my art into the Gilmer Yam­boree Art Show when I was In High School. I won first Place twice and Best of Show once. I served in the U.S. Army in the 25th Infantry Divi­sion after High School. It was in my sec­ond year of col­lege that I picked up a paint­brush for the first time, and I was not very good at it. I think I have a decent eye for design and move­ment, and I know a few math tricks that help me a lot when work­ing through the com­po­si­tion process, so I kept at it as a hob­by while I pur­sued my career in var­i­ous tech-relat­ed jobs. I’ve only been pro­duc­ing art full time since the quar­an­tine of 2020. I’ve been cre­at­ing an aver­age of 1–2 paint­ings per month since then.

Most of my work starts out in Pho­to­shop. I am a graph­ic design­er by trade and using pho­to­shop and a Wacom tablet (a dig­i­tal draw­ing board with a dig­i­tal pen) is how I start most of my sketch­es. Using a dig­i­tal medi­um, I’m free to cre­ate and alter the com­po­si­tion of the work in an envi­ron­ment that is much more for­giv­ing than tra­di­tion­al paint medi­ums. Once I feel good about the dig­i­tal ver­sion of the work, I then begin the paint­ing on can­vas with tra­di­tion­al paint medi­ums. I’m not an avant-garde, or ground­break­ing artist I sim­ply paint what I like to look at, or some­thing I would hang on my own wall. I like move­ment, bold col­or, and all of my paint­ings, no mat­ter how dif­fer­ent the sub­ject mat­ter, have one theme — Light.

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