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Daley Darr

I am from Tyler, TX. I have lived all around East Texas but I end­ed up in Tyler and grad­u­at­ed high school from Bish­op T.K. Gor­man. I then went to col­lege at Texas A&M Uni­ver­si­ty and grad­u­at­ed class of 2018. After I grad­u­at­ed, I moved back to Tyler and start­ed work­ing full time in the finan­cial ser­vices indus­try. Most of my fam­i­ly is still in Tyler so I love being home with them.

I have always loved paint­ing ever since I took art class­es in mid­dle school. It has always been a sort of escape for me. When­ev­er I paint I nev­er know how a piece is going to turn out, which is a big rea­son why I love it so much. Look­ing at my pieces I know it is not from my hands alone. Rather,I know God gave me this gift and I do not want to waste it so that is why I choose to con­tin­ue to paint.

I did not dis­cov­er this until my fam­i­ly and friends con­tin­u­ous­ly com­pli­ment­ed my art and told me that I should con­tin­ue to cre­ate. I love going places where my art is on dis­play and know­ing it is bring­ing joy to those who see it.

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