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Don Bristow


Don Bris­tow is a frac­tal artist who lives in Bullard, Texas. CHAOTICA is the name giv­en to his col­lec­tion of con­tem­po­rary wall art derived from math­e­mat­ics and pre­sent­ed on alu­minum and acrylic. The name CHAOTICA comes from the 20th-cen­tu­ry field of math­e­mat­ics Chaos Theory.

CHAOTICA is a high-tech choice for mod­ern, con­tem­po­rary res­i­den­tial and com­mer­cial wall decor. Fin­ished pieces con­sist of one to six pan­els, and the size of each pan­el ranges from 24″ square to 48″ square. Even larg­er pan­els are avail­able on acrylic.

Bris­tow main­tains a great deal of dis­ci­pline in his work and hopes to help lead the frac­tal art form out of its infan­cy and into wider accep­tance. Because it can stim­u­late minds and trig­ger new ideas, CHAOTICA is an excel­lent choice for upscale com­mer­cial inte­ri­ors, espe­cial­ly lob­bies and con­fer­ence rooms. It has been shown to appeal to peo­ple in a wide range of ages, pro­fes­sions, and interests.

Bristow’s work has been fea­tured in BSCENE Mag­a­zine (Novem­ber 2014), Tyler Morn­ing Tele­graph (July 7, 2015), The Com­mer­cial Real Estate Net­work – Atlanta (March 2014), The Com­mer­cial Real Estate Net­work – Dal­las (June 2014), and While-U-Wait Mag­a­zine (Novem­ber 2010). CHAOTICA has been exhib­it­ed at 14 venues since its launch in 2008. Pri­or to 2008, Bristow’s fine art pho­tog­ra­phy was exhib­it­ed 19 times.

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