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Ed Philips

I had an unusu­al child­hood as my fam­i­ly moved a lot — a whole lot! I was born in Flori­da and we moved 3 months lat­er to Texas. That pat­tern con­tin­ued and led to me liv­ing all over the Unit­ed States and even over­seas. I am grate­ful to have trav­eled to every state in thh U.S., and many coun­tries in Europe, the Mid­dle East, and parts of Africa. The expe­ri­ences I have had in those trav­els brought such a great appre­ci­a­tion for the stag­ger­ing cre­ativ­i­ty God dis­plays in every part of His cre­ation. Expe­ri­enc­ing the diver­si­ty of peo­ple, cul­tures, cli­mates, land­scapes, ani­mals, plant life, helped shape my fas­ci­na­tion of so many subjects.

I am blessed to have a big fam­i­ly ‑six kids (all grown and 5 mar­ried now), kids-in-law, and 13 grand­kids (so far!). Words fall short in describ­ing how much I love them all! They are often the inspi­ra­tion behind the sub­jects I paint.

I became a Chris­t­ian when I was 28 years old and I am so grate­ful to be a fol­low­er of Jesus Christ. He is ulti­mate­ly the inspi­ra­tion and source of my art and my desire is to hon­or Him in everything.

I’ve been paint­ing since I was a child and have always had a love for art. I con­tin­ued to paint through my 20’s but then with chil­dren and busi­ness oblig­a­tions time to paint became hard­er and hard­er to come by. My paint­ing was put on hold for 38 years! A few years ago life began to slow down and I had time for art­work again. Now after mak­ing a liv­ing in the busi­ness world for decades I have tran­si­tioned into doing some­thing I pas­sion­ate­ly enjoy – painting!

All of my paint­ings reflect some­thing I am drawn to per­son­al­ly and so each paint­ing has a sto­ry behind it. I paint many dif­fer­ent sub­jects, most­ly in a real­ist style, although I enjoy doing some impres­sion­ist style from time to time. In every paint­ing I try to cap­ture some of the beau­ty, inspi­ra­tion, and mean­ing that comes from observ­ing and being part of God’s amaz­ing cre­ation! My hope is that my art will bring joy and inspi­ra­tion to the view­ers and be a reminder of God’s glo­ry in all cre­ation whether the sub­ject is peo­ple, ani­mals, land­scapes, or objects in a still life!

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