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I cre­ate 3D and inter­ac­tive mixed media paint­ings inspired by pop-up books. I often include objects that “pop out” from the paint­ing as well as mov­able inter­ac­tive aspects.

I cre­ate many dif­fer­ent themes in this style and try not to lim­it myself to any one idea. I start by draw­ing each fig­ure paint­ing them, cut­ting them out, dark­en­ing the edges. Then I build any frame­work that I may need for the piece, and usu­al­ly on 140lb paper I paint the tex­tures or sur­faces that will need to cov­er the frame­work. Once that is dry I decoupage the paint­ed tex­tures onto the frame­work. Before the frame­work and fig­ures are added to the can­vas I paint the back­ground onto the canvas.

After the can­vas is dry I attach all the pieces to the can­vas, add the appro­pri­ate shad­ow­ing and seal it all with a coat of decoupage. I enjoy adding small decoupaged mes­sages or quotes to the back of my can­vas as a lit­tle surprise.

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