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We offer muse­um qual­i­ty cus­tom fram­ing for all of your fram­ing needs. Includ­ing: fine art paint­ings, prints, posters, pho­tos, maps, cer­tifi­cates, diplo­mas, or documents.

Our abil­i­ty to cus­tom frame any art­work, fram­ing a solu­tion for the client, has made us a leader in the indus­try and the go to cus­tom fram­ing shop in Tyler, Texas. We offer a vari­ety of frames in dif­fer­ent designs and hun­dreds of styles of mould­ing and mat­ting to choose from. We also spe­cial­ize in Shad­ow Box­ing, Cus­tom Mir­rors, Award, and Needle­point framing.

If you have ques­tions about your fram­ing needs, please give us a call at 903–597-2645.

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