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Mirror Framing

Mirror Framing Tyler TX 

Mirror Framing 

Why invest in mir­ror fram­ing? When peo­ple think of inte­ri­or dec­o­rat­ing, they often think of oils and can­vas­es, fur­ni­ture and win­dow treat­ments, or sculp­ture and archi­tec­tur­al ele­ments. Don’t over­look mir­rors, as they add both func­tion and style to homes and busi­ness­es. They instant­ly make any room look lighter, more open, and more spa­cious. Mir­ror fram­ing takes a sim­ple reflec­tive sur­face and turns it into an expres­sion of style and taste.

We help East Tex­ans com­plete­ly trans­form mir­rors with cus­tom fram­ing. We also sell cus­tom framed mir­rors to enhance almost any space. In the decades we’ve offered mir­ror fram­ing in Tyler TX and the sur­round­ing areas, we’ve answered a lot of ques­tions about choos­ing the best mir­ror frame, the ben­e­fits of mir­ror fram­ing, dec­o­rat­ing with mir­rors and more. You’ll find some of the most com­mon ques­tions and their answers here.

Mirror Framing Tyler TX
Mirror Framing FAQ 

Related Questions 

Peo­ple think of mir­rors as blank sur­faces, but they aren’t real­ly. They’re reflec­tive, which means what­ev­er is in a room, they’ll reflect back at you. That’s why mir­ror fram­ing should com­ple­ment the rest of your décor.

If your room is clean and con­tem­po­rary, your mir­ror frame might have sim­ple col­ors and sweep­ing lines. Homes that exude opu­lence or ele­gance  might fea­ture mir­rors framed in rich mahogany or embell­ished gold. For a child’s room, choose a whim­si­cal, play­ful frame. In a bath­room, bal­ance func­tion­al­i­ty and ease of clean­ing against oth­er design elements. 

Also keep in mind that mir­rors are heavy. If you plan to hang your mir­ror by its frame, you’ll need one sub­stan­tial enough to sup­port that weight and bal­ance out the rest of your mirror’s sur­face area.

At Gold Leaf Gallery, we help you nar­row down your choic­es for mir­ror fram­ing you’ll love. Our goal is always to see the world through your eyes and cre­ate some­thing unique­ly “you.”


We try to make the expe­ri­ence as easy and pleas­ant as pos­si­ble. Usu­al­ly, we encour­age clients to give as much input as pos­si­ble – what you expect from the piece, what you pre­fer in style, etc ( for exam­ple where you expect to hang it – does it need to be larg­er than it is – what kind of pro­tec­tion will it need ). Our role is to guide and teach what is nec­es­sary to pro­tect and pre­serve your art­work. We will pro­vide you with options that suit your per­son­al aes­thet­ic and pro­vide you with choic­es that also fit your budget.

Fram­ing a mir­ror makes it instant­ly look more pol­ished and refined. Often builders use frame­less mir­rors in bath­rooms and liv­ing rooms because they cost less, but they also look unfin­ished. That’s an easy prob­lem to fix, but an appear­ance upgrade isn’t the only benefit. 

Over time, mir­ror back­ing starts to wear off along the edges from han­dling and clean­ing. It’s called de-sil­ver­ing, and it can make mir­rors look grungy and tired. Mir­ror fram­ing hides dam­age and pro­tects edges from fur­ther deterioration. 

Mir­ror fram­ing also lets you per­son­al­ize your space. What would have just been a func­tion­al piece becomes a style statement. 

The frame might be the most impor­tant part of your mir­ror, because it’s the only dec­o­ra­tive ele­ment. The right frame makes the dif­fer­ence between a wall with no per­son­al­i­ty and one that high­lights and enhances the oth­er ele­ments of your room’s design.

We pro­vide cus­tom mir­ror fram­ing for any mir­ror type. Bring us your free­stand­ing full-length mir­rors, wall mir­rors, mount­ed mir­rors, hand­held mir­rors or any oth­er type and we’ll talk about your options.


Trans­form a frame­less mir­ror from bor­ing to fab­u­lous or replace an exist­ing frame that no longer goes with your space with cus­tom mir­ror fram­ing. Let us mea­sure your mir­ror to get exact dimen­sions. Choose your frame from one of more than 4,000 styles. We’ll frame your mir­ror, then you can take it home to enjoy. In some sit­u­a­tions, we can also install mir­ror fram­ing around a wall hung mir­ror so you don’t have to remove it from its cur­rent location.


Most mir­rors don’t cost much, but they can seri­ous­ly enhance the look of a room. They make spaces feel big­ger by reflect­ing light where there isn’t any. They’re a good choice for small nooks, dark cor­ners, long hall­ways and cramped bath­rooms. Hang one oppo­site a win­dow or near a lamp for what feels like twice as much avail­able light. They also bring spaces togeth­er by reflect­ing what’s in adja­cent rooms.


If you search for mir­ror fram­ing, you’ll prob­a­bly run across DIY mir­ror frame kits at the local hard­ware store. If your mir­ror is a stan­dard size and you have basic tools and car­pen­try skills, these might be an option you want to look into. We don’t use kits or any­thing else mass-pro­duced, and we believe the mate­ri­als we do use for mir­ror fram­ing are of supe­ri­or qual­i­ty. We offer our ser­vices one project at a time accord­ing to cus­tomer spec­i­fi­ca­tions so the result is some­thing one of a kind.

We pro­vide com­pet­i­tive pric­ing on our ser­vices and fram­ing mate­ri­als. Call us with your mir­ror dimen­sions and infor­ma­tion on what type of frame you would like and we can give you a cost esti­mate. Or, to get a bet­ter idea what your mir­ror fram­ing project might cost, stop by with your mir­ror and we’ll help you pick out your frame.


Our stan­dard­ized pric­ing struc­ture is based on top qual­i­ty mate­ri­als used by high­ly trained fram­ing experts. The val­ue our cus­tomers receive sim­ply can’t be beat. If you received a low­er price, it could indi­cate that the framer is com­pro­mis­ing on mate­r­i­al qual­i­ty or intends to entrust your mir­ror to some­one with lim­it­ed mir­ror fram­ing experience.


We can cre­ate a frame for any mir­ror type.


We part­ner with a vari­ety of com­pa­nies that can han­dle the deliv­ery and even instal­la­tion if needed.

Custom Mirror Framing Tyler TX 

Why Choose Gold Leaf Gallery for Your Custom Mirror Frame 

Peo­ple walk through our doors for a vari­ety of rea­sons. Some recent­ly moved, and a valu­able frame was dam­aged or glass shat­tered in the shuf­fle, and they’re hop­ing we can make repairs. Oth­ers drop by to browse our ever-chang­ing selec­tion of unique art. Still more are look­ing for ways to enhance what they hang on their walls, and noth­ing stan­dard issue will do. They don’t just want to buy a frame, they want to make their world more beau­ti­ful, more refined, more personal.

We are artists and design­ers with more than 40 years of expe­ri­ence craft­ing one cus­tom design after anoth­er. When you’re look­ing for a cus­tom mir­ror frame that’s more than you ever thought it could be, come see us at Broad­way and the Loop in Tyler or con­tact us online.

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