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Shadowbox Framing

We love our work here at Gold Leaf Gallery, and shad­ow­box fram­ing, some­times called shad­ow box fram­ing, might be one of the aspects of it we enjoy most. Cus­tomers bring us their trea­sures, their memen­tos, their col­lectibles, and oth­er unique objects, and we have the priv­i­lege of find­ing the best way to dis­play and pre­serve them while express­ing the owner’s unique style.

Shad­ow­box fram­ing keeps your objects safe, but it also reflects your per­son­al­i­ty, taste, and val­ues. Turn what looks like a hodge­podge into a pleas­ing dis­play. Get keep­sakes out of draw­ers and turn them into art­work. Group like items togeth­er for a greater impact and turn them into a focal point. Our expert shad­ow box fram­ing can help you accom­plish your goals.

Tyler TX Shadowbox Framing
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Peo­ple hold on to what mat­ters to them. They like to look at objects that make them feel good or bring back mem­o­ries. But over time, one of two things hap­pens. Either grow­ing col­lec­tions start to look like clut­ter or pre­cious memen­tos put away for their pro­tec­tion are rarely enjoyed.

East Tex­ans bring us their col­lec­tions, mem­o­ra­bil­ia, and keep­sakes because they hope shad­ow­box fram­ing will make it eas­i­er to enjoy their trea­sures with­out hav­ing to wor­ry about them becom­ing lost or dam­aged. When they do, here are some of the most com­mon ques­tions they ask our fram­ing experts.

You spend most of your time either at home or in your work­place, so it makes sense in mak­ing those places a reflec­tion of your taste. When you sur­round your­self with objects that make you think of your mem­o­ries, hob­bies, or inter­ests, you feel hap­pi­er and more comfortable.

Plac­ing col­lectibles and memen­tos in a shad­ow­box allows you to dis­play them with­out risk­ing dam­age. Your trea­sures are safe from fin­ger­prints, dust, spills, and oth­er dan­gers behind pro­tec­tive glass or acrylic. 

Shad­ow­box fram­ing shows your sense of style and adds a rich­ness and depth to every room. Turn things that don’t fit in a tra­di­tion­al frame into a stun­ning, three-dimen­sion­al display.


Peo­ple some­times use dif­fer­ent phras­ing to describe the process of plac­ing objects in a box with a trans­par­ent front for the pur­pose of pre­serv­ing and dis­play­ing them. Most shad­ow box­es are at least an inch deep. Some have mat­ting, oth­ers don’t. For some exam­ples, the glass rests on top of the item on dis­play, while oth­ers have more room and space in between. If you’re inter­est­ed in shad­ow­box fram­ing, we can help you eval­u­ate which option works best for your needs.


East Tex­ans come to our frame shop with objects or col­lec­tions they want to dis­play and we col­lab­o­rate to cre­ate some­thing they’re hap­py with that fits their taste and bud­get. Our goal is always to see art through your eyes and enhance your enjoy­ment of what mat­ters most. We’ll explain your options for shad­ow box fram­ing, give you exam­ples of dis­play types we think might work best for you, and help you pro­tect and pre­serve your three-dimen­sion­al treasures.


Some of the first shad­ow box­es were used by sailors to car­ry their belong­ings back and forth from the land. The world was a dan­ger­ous, mys­te­ri­ous place and the sea was unpre­dictable. Some sailors believed they would expe­ri­ence bad luck if their shad­ow touched land before their actu­al body did. They rea­soned keep­ing their belong­ings was like enclos­ing a “shad­ow” of them­selves with­in, which ensured they could tread the shore­line before their shad­ow touched down.


We offer shad­ow box fram­ing for any­thing you’d like to dis­play and pro­tect. Some of the most pop­u­lar choic­es include fam­i­ly heir­looms, mil­i­tary uni­forms, coins, col­lectibles, sports mem­o­ra­bil­ia, movie mem­o­ra­bil­ia, and clothing.


Some peo­ple love the idea of dis­play­ing shad­ow­box­es, but they don’t think of them­selves as col­lec­tors. We’ve seen East Tex­ans cre­ate stun­ning dis­plays using ideas like these.

Mem­o­ry shad­ow­box­es – As chil­dren grow, use a shad­ow­box for things like draw­ings and sculp­ture, favorite toys, baby pho­tos, and infant cloth­ing. When a child grad­u­ates, cre­ate a col­or­ful dis­play with their grad­u­a­tion cap and gown, diplo­ma, memen­tos from their extra-cur­ric­u­lar activ­i­ties, school mas­cot, etc.

Wed­ding shad­ow­box­es – Turn your wed­ding gown into a per­ma­nent, mean­ing­ful dis­play. Or cre­ate a shad­ow box with your invi­ta­tion, veil, cham­pagne glass­es, cake top­per, and oth­er pre­cious objects. 

Sports shad­ow­box­es – You might be a team mem­ber or the team’s biggest fan. Either way, cre­ate an impres­sive dis­play with team jer­seys, signed equip­ment, tick­et stubs, cards, and photos.

Dis­play shad­ow­box­es wher­ev­er you’ll most enjoy them! We can design shad­ow­box­es for any space. Place them in your liv­ing room, den, game room, media room, bed­room, or work­place. Hang them on a wall, place them on shelv­ing, install them over your fire­place or place them on a pedestal.


Peo­ple place items in shad­ow­box­es for pro­tec­tion, but an item doesn’t have to be frag­ile to be a good can­di­date for shad­ow­box fram­ing. It’s a good way to dis­play any item that is mean­ing­ful and of interest.

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