Frame Restoration

Frame Restoration in Tyler, TX 

Frame Restoration

Frame Restora­tion: The repair and restora­tion of antique and con­tem­po­rary frames is a very spe­cial­ized skill that is an art form in itself.  Every frame has a sto­ry to tell. We have res­cued many beau­ti­ful frames that were on their way to the trash. A frame restora­tion may include repair­ing a bro­ken cor­ner or orna­ment or a com­plete frame rebuild­ing includ­ing rejoin­ing, cast­ing, carv­ing, sand­ing, gild­ing and fin­ish­ing. We do as much or as lit­tle as it will take to restore a frame that is per­fect for you.

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Related Questions

Yes! We can restore orig­i­nal oil and acrylic paint­ings that are can­vas or board.

  • Neu­tral­iz­ing, clean­ing and removal of sur­face dirt, stains, wall paint, smoke, etc.
  • Removal of old lin­seed oil and yel­low­ing varnishes.
  • Removal of improp­er­ly over-paint­ed and unpro­fes­sion­al­ly repaired paintings.
  • Restora­tion & repairs to bad­ly cracked or blis­tered paintings.
  • Lin­ing or adding a new can­vas back­ing to torn or dam­aged paintings.
  • Repair­ing of holes, tears, dents, scrapes, scratch­es and flak­ing paint.
  • Fill­ing and repaint­ing miss­ing areas and bad­ly dam­aged areas, (exact col­or and brush stroke matching).
  • Re-stretch­ing and tight­en­ing of loose canvases.
  • Replace­ment of dam­aged or bro­ken stretch­er bars.
  • Final var­nish­ing and drying.

Absolute­ly! We rec­om­mend that you bring your piece in for an eval­u­a­tion and we have expe­ri­ence in the following:

  • Neu­tral­iza­tion of acid­i­ty in the art’s paper.
  • Archival con­ser­va­tion mount­ing of art on prop­er archival backing.
  • Repair­ing of holes, scrapes, cuts, paper punc­tures and dents.
  • Removal of dirt, and oth­er soiling.
  • Repaint­ing and restora­tion of the art image.
  • Repair and Air brush­ing on dam­aged antique sepia photos.
  • Archival Con­ser­va­tion fram­ing with ultra vio­let pro­tec­tive glazing.

Yes, we can restore frames includ­ing antique frames and con­tem­po­rary frames.

  • Cor­ner repair, re-glu­ing, and closing.
  • Replace miss­ing orna­men­ta­tion, cast­ing new, or carv­ing to match.
  • Repair of cracked or bro­ken plaster.
  • Touch up of miss­ing gold leaf.
  • Full re-gild­ing (oil siz­ing or water gild 23k gold).
  • Refin­ish­ing of nat­ur­al wood frames.
  • Exten­sive selec­tion of hand made muse­um qual­i­ty repro­duc­tion peri­od frames.
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